Job Search: The Top 10 Ways to Job Search

Job searching can be tedious. Use your time wisely by focusing the the top 10 job search strategies.

This are critical for job-hunters who want to land a interview and get a job offer - fast!

The list will surprise you because most of us are focused on job search activities that have the LOWEST success rate!

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Here's the countdown list with their respective success rates:
10. Online job boards & employer websites: 4% - 10%
9. Mailing your resume to employers: 7%
8. Answering local newspaper ads: 5%-24%
7. Search firms: 5-28%
6. Ads in professional journals 7%
5. State & Federal Employment Office: 14%
4. Asking for job leads: 33%
3. Knocking on the door of an employer: 47%
2. YellowPages - Company directories: 65%
1. Face-to-Face Advice meetings approach (face-to-face meetings with hiring managers): 86%

*This research is based on research from Richard Bolles, author of the book What Color Is Your Parachute.
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