Job search takes too long?

Looking for an executive job on your own can take 12 months or more. It’s because traditional recruiters represent only 10% of the potential executive jobs and on-line job boards another 15%.

That’s why The Barrett Group also focuses on the unpublished job market, representing 75% of potential executive jobs, with much better results in 6 months on average.
- Firstly, we will help you map your social capital with all the people that value and respect you to put your network on steroids for the best results.
- Secondly, we will help you identify the decision makers in the industries and companies, that you want to target.
- Thirdly, we help you articulate your unique value proposition, which will open the doors for you and help you stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to land your desired job much faster, please contact me on LinkedIn.
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