Job Search | How to stand out on Linkedin with MATANG (Meta, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google)

Interview-Ready | Mock Interview + Reviewing Your Stories

In this collaboration with my friend, String Nguyen, a brand ambassador for Lenovo and many brands and Linkedin 4X top voice, we shared our best practices in helping you get the attention of your favorite employers such as Amazon and Google.

✔ Linkedin Profile branding for Technical and NonTechnical
✔ Biggest Linkedin Profile mistakes
✔ What MATANG employers look for on your Linkedin Profile
✔ How to land the proper job interview with Amazon + FAANG


0:00 - Start (What is LinkedIn Branding for jobseekers?)
2:00 - Linkedin Branding (Professional Self-Awareness)
4:48 - Biggest Mistakes on Linkedin Profile
6:23 - "EXPERT" on Linkedin Profile
7:23 - What does the Recruiter look for on Linkedin Profiles?
11:08 - Linkedin Branding to not brag about yourself
12:16 - Amazon + the pandemic job market (Linkedin Profile Branding)
15:30 - Focus on RESULTS in your Linkedin Profile Branding
18:06 - How to incorporate branding on the email
20:08 - Should my Linkedin Profile match my Resume?

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