Job Search Consistency | Success is Sequential, Not Simultaneous

Join career and leadership coach and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita for today's live show on being consistent in your job search. It's not just about consistently putting out effort, but also about being congruent across your activities!

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0:00:00 Welcome: consistency and congruency in your job search
0:01:23 Big Problem w/Job Seekers = desired outcome doesn't match their mktg (resume)
0:02:34 Job interviews should confirm your resume
0:05:04 Disconnect btwn work histories and interview stories
0:07:26 Creation + Consistency = Discovery Formula
0:15:23 How this formula applies to your Job Search
0:19:44 Your creation needs consistency in 2 directions
0:25:40 Step back
0:27:30 How to be more consistent
0:29:33 Your resume is not about your history
0:31:38 1) Deskwork...Think...
0:33:02 2) Paperwork = Resume
0:34:52 3) Company's Problems
0:35:39 4) More Deskwork.. Interviews
0:37:59 5) Build Brand = Static
0:39:55 6) Interview = Dynamic
0:44:02 Job Search Coaching Program Slides
0:53:49 How to CONVEY my PASSION to TRANSITION to entry level role, w NO Exp?
1:01:10 Asked for five adjectives to describe the company culture
1:03:25 Targeting strategic planning, supply chain management for 1 yr.
1:04:03 Can I engage with you and your team?
1:05:50 How to ID right grade to apply for
1:10:30 Rejection said "decided to go in a different direction". Why can't they be honest?
1:11:58 Haven't solved problems that align to the position you're applying for?
1:13:16 Interviewed for 2 roles, one made an offer, the other is slow w/interview process.
1:17:16 2 job opps @ target co, Do I contact about both roles?
1:19:20 How to identifying career highlights as a social worker?
1:20:52 Felt terrible after interview, stopped job search. How to find the confidence?
1:21:38 Is it a good idea to try to setup in-person networking mtg for area I'm visiting?
1:22:46 Tips to CALCULATE QUANTIFIABLE results for ADMIN/SUPPORTIVE roles?

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