Job Search Case Study: 15 Tips to Get Multiple Job Offers!

Want to crush your job search this hiring season? Then join me, career and leadership coach and award-winning author Andrew LaCivita, and one of the many successful members of my Job Search Coaching Program, Art Casasa, as we discuss how he conducted his search so brilliantly.

We packaged up this job search case study chock full of lessons and techniques that flat out work.

Inside the Job Search Case Study: 15 Tips to Get Multiple Offers you'll learn about this key points:

00:00:00 Welcome, intro, and meet Art.
00:02:50 TIP #1 Create list of your values/needs FIRST before you search to help with self-clarity and for investigative purposes.
00:06:24 TIP #2 ALWAYS reach out to new companies daily even when you have interviews going so you keep a strong pipeline and don’t feel pressure!
00:07:48 TIP #3 Direct reach outs to employers (Bosses, HR) and networking are the way to go.
00:08:20 TIP #4 Get your LinkedIn Profile sweetened up to attract recruiters and increase your odds 8% of getting your new job.
00:09:36 TIP #5 Build relationships, nurture them, and send some wine if it helps!
00:11:14 TIP #6 Don’t be surprised if you have several interviews for high-level position.
00:11:49 TIP #7 If you don’t get the job, see if you can make something of the opportunity!
00:12:03 TIP #8 Get Andy to help you. It works! Ha ha. C’mon! Let me have one. Ha Ha!
00:12:10 TIP #9 Proper phrasing in the interviews can make all the difference.
00:12:19 TIP #10 You CAN get the job after being rejected!
00:12:52 TIP #11 Many employers will invite you to create your own position and job description.
00:13:18 TIP #12 Huge pay increases exist, don’t think in terms of limits or “market pay.”
00:15:04 TIP #13 Keep an open mind about what executive recruiters can do to fit you at their clients (from Andy).
00:16:18 TIP #14 But, wait, not all timing works well! Another job offer comes in after he signed one! Should you negotiate the new one too?
00:19:34 TIP #15 Put the effort in, keep a positive attitude even if you get rejected, remember it’s a process, keep building your company pipeline, and brush up your interview skills!

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