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https://www.knowledgecity.com/mena/en/library/BUS1735M1/job-search-basics/ As career and employment trends evolve with time and technology, job seekers are discovering new ways to identify positions that match their interests, strengths, and career path. This course will help you navigate the changing world of job hunting by helping you gain awareness of the latest hiring trends. You’ll learn how to recognize the many challenges of job seeking, define what you want in a position, and research potential employers. We’ll discuss ways to become a competitive candidate and expand the work opportunities available to you. You’ll be able to set a clear goal to find a job, look for a job that fits your needs, and apply to available positions.

We also discuss common difficulties people have when job searching, so you can learn how to overcome them. You’ll know how to recognize the many challenges of job seeking as you define what you want in a position and research potential employers. We discuss difficult situations, such as needing a job immediately, not having enough options, and not receiving enough responses. You’ll learn how to incorporate your true values into the position you’re pursuing to ensure it is compatible with your life. This course will support your success as you plan your steps towards your dream job.

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