Job opportunities in Malta and How to find them

Job opportunities in Malta are easy to be find. With all the sectors booming in Malta, the easiest way to find job in Malta is in hospitality sector, but with a minimum wage. Another jobs in high demand in Malta are in financial services and gaming sectors, opportunities such as software developers, web designers and marketing strategists. Aside of this, the easiest jobs to find in Malta are delivery boy and taxi drivers. All these opportunities are available for EU and NON-EU citizens. Work permit is needed for each candidate from NON-EU country. If you are abroad and looking for job opportunity in Malta these are the legit websites where you can search for:

cleaning service companies:

recruitment agecy:

here is a link published by the authorities for all registered companies in Malta:

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01:00 - What are job opportunities in Malta
06:11 - how to find a job in Malta

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