Job market KPIs and how to use them to navigate job search & HR

What can KPIs tell us about the current job market situation? By looking at the changes in the number of job ads on LinkedIn, the number of candidates per job ad or unemployment levels, we can draw conclusions about tendencies that have been ruling the job market since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to navigate them is crucial when it comes to effective job search, employer branding or recruitment.

During this live session, Sandra Bichl from Career Angels will explain how to interpret and use job market KPIs to your advantage – whether you are an active job seeker or work in an HR department. Join our live event at 12pm on November 5th.

[Spoiler alert] An important learning: not everything is as it seems! Our intuition based on observing our immediate environment might not reflect reality – that’s why we prefer to base our conclusions on tangible data.

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