Jimin INSULTED? Taeyang Talks Jimin's Orientation In LEAKED Studio Content? (rumor) HYBE SUES!

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Today I wanted to get into #BTS news. I want to talk about Jimin believed to be insulted by BIGBANG or Taeyang and what happened there. I want to get into Jimin and why people are talking about Jimin and Taeyang dating rumors. I also need to talk about HYBE and what their statements mean and break that down. Let me know what you think and drop your thoughts in the comments.

0:00 Table of contents
0:19 HYBE and their legal statement
3:13 Has Jimin Been Insulted by Taeyang or BIGBANG?
5:41 Jimin and Taeyang seen together?
8:25 What you can do next to support!

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