Jeanne Schaeberle, author of "Mom...Let's Talk", interviews with Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

All the way from MARYLAND, Jeanne Schaeberle’s book, “Mom…Let’s Talk”, is only display here at #HiddenGemsLiteraryEmporium ! Check out this personal one-on-one interview with Author Jeanne Schaeberle as we discuss her book, "Mom...Let's Talk", the passing of her son, and his poetry, which she lovingly included in her book.

“Mom…Let’s Talk” is a collection of journals Jeanne wrote about the sudden passing of her 25 year old son, and his experience with mental illness. This work also includes a selection of poetry written by Jeanne’s son, Robert, which she found while going through his belongings after his passing.

Come by Monday-Thursday from 10am to 3pm to pick up your copy! Virtual appointments and shipping are available!

We love you for reading!
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