JAY-Z & LL Cool J Took Over The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame | What’s The Headline #66

Hip-Hop took over the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year, with the induction of JAY-Z and LL Cool J. We discuss their legendary careers, MF DOOM, Nas' upcoming documentary on Video Music Box and one of the best new music weeks of the year for Hip-Hop, on episode 66 of AFH's What's The Headline.

0:00 Intro
1:55 Hip-Hop’s place in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
5:35 JAY-Z and LL Cool J are Hip-Hop’s 2021 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
6:00 Is LL Cool J the most under-respected Hip-Hop artist of all-time
8:10 Remembering the impact of LL Cool J’s legendary career
8:46 He bursts onto the scene with Krush Groove
12:23 LL Cool J was the first Rap artist to make a major comeback
17:00 LL was one of the first Hip-Hop artists to go from music to Hollywood
19:00 LL Cool J brought his early collaborators with him to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony
20:00 Dr. Dre gave LL Cool J an amazing induction speech
23:50 Hip-Hop brought 2 billionaires, a living legend and a former President of the United States to the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame stage
24:30 Dr. Dre and LL Cool J have a lot of unreleased music together
26:20 Dr. Dre is entering a new chapter in life and his career
29:50 Barack Obama and Dave Chappelle inducted JAY-Z into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
31:51 Remembering the impact of JAY-Z’s historic Hip-Hop career
33:00 JAY-Z, Nas and Biggie competed for to be Hip-Hop’s King Of New York in the 90s
34:20 JAY-Z was Hip-Hop’s King Of New York in the 2000s
39:30 JAY-Z is one of only 2 MCs who have at least 4 classic albums apiece
42:15 JAY-Z is moving to a place where his business moves might eclipse his musical accomplishments
47:06 JAY-Z played a significant role in getting Barack Obama elected president
51:45 JAY-Z thanked Rakim, KRS-One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane and LL Cool J in his acceptance speech
56:28 Similarities between JAY-Z and LL Cool J
1:03:38 Reflecting on MF DOOM a year after his passing
1:07:06 The Harder They Fall soundtrack features new music from JAY-Z, Lauryn Hill, Ceelo Green, Seal and more
1:09:58 Nas is producing a documentary on Ralph McDaniels and Video Music Box
1:15:45 Damian Lillard had a standout freestyle where he talks about not joining a dream team
1:17:44 Ghostface Killah celebrates the 25th anniversary of his Ironman album
1:21:00 A$AP Rocky released Live.Love.A$AP on streaming platforms for its 10th anniversary
1:26:50 Snoop Dogg and Freeway lost close family members this week
1:28:42 New music from Planet Asia, J-Live (on DSPs), Ransom and Rome Streetz, Stalley and Apollo Brown, Reason, Big Sean and Hit-Boy and more

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