Java Interview Questions and Answers |[Part-2]| Important String Handling Java Interview Questions

In Java Interview Questions and Answers [Part-2] video you will get most frequently asked String Handling Java interview questions to crack an interview. Also this video is for both Fresher's and Experienced candidates.

Below are some of the Java interview questions answered in this video:
- How can we know, how many objects are created for a class ?
- Why String class is immutable and how can we create custom immutable object ?
- How many objects will be created in the following code and where they will be stored in the memory?
String s1 = “Java"; String s2 = “Java"; &&
String s1 = new String(“Java"); String s2 = “Java";
- Difference between String , String Buffer and String Builder class
- What is difference between Java 8 StringJoiner, String.join() and Collectors.joining() ?
- How to find the number of occurrences of each character in a string?
- Java Program To Reverse A Sentence Word By Word.

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