James Max gets into explosive royal race row

The Duke of Sussex has said he wants his father and brother back during an ITV interview due to be released this Sunday, two days before his memoir is published.

But in a separate interview with CBS News, set to air the same day, Harry also criticises Buckingham Palace over an alleged failure to defend him and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, before they stepped down as senior royals.

The duke also reveals to the US broadcaster that he would not return to the institution as a full-time royal.

Both CBS and ITV have released snippets of the duke’s conversations ahead of the full interviews being televised.

In a series of clips from the duke’s ITV conversation, Harry tells presenter Tom Bradby: “It never needed to be this way”, and refers to “the leaking and the planting” before adding: “I want a family, not an institution.”

He also says “they feel as though it is better to keep us somehow as the villains” and “have shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile”, although it is unclear who he is referring to.

James: "How has racism been proven other than by Meghan's word?"

Broadcaster Narinder Kaur: "This is what Caucasian people do... they want it proven and in print! Why? It's overt!"

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