James Charles: Live and Don’t Learn ft. The Right Opinion

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James Charles is one of the most popular internet celebrities to “grace” the digital entertainment industry. A stalwart of the highly profitable beauty community, James Charles captivates audiences with his fresh and energetic personality… That’s what you would say if he didn’t find himself in trouble all the time, and this year James Charles has yet again been the focus of another controversial scandal, but it seems it may have affected him more than his others. Join BWC and @The Right Opinion as they explore James Charles’ many behaviour-related controversies, and how recent revelations raise questions about James Charles' character and how it damaged his brand. It all kicks off in the extensive retrospective, James Charles: Live and Don’t Learn ft. The Right Opinion.


00:00 - Intro (BWC & TRO)
03:14 - AD
04:11 - The Dramageddon Incident (BWC)
08:24 - No More Lies, sort of (TRO)
12:04 - Trouble begins to brew (BWC)
15:02 - Tati spills the tea (TRO)
19:50 - James Charles allegations speedrun (BWC)
27:45 - James takes "accountability" (TRO)
39:00 - Seconds Before Demonetisation: James Charles (BWC)
44:01 - Live and Don't Learn (TRO)
01:04:54 - Closing thoughts (TRO & BWC)

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