Jabs For Your Jobs- Episode 75, CovidCastJA

COVID–19 has plagued our nation causing significant illness and even death. The government has taken a number of steps to try to stem the spread of the disease, but these efforts have only been partially effective, as Jamaica's infection rate continues to rise.

The virus has had a negative impact on the economy as a result. In order to protect the interests of corporate leaders, employees, and the general public, strong anti-COVID measures must be implemented in the workplace.

Vaccines have been created, and have become more widely available. They're safe, effective, and reduce the danger of catching and spreading the virus greatly. Vaccines are considered by the medical community to be the most efficient long-term means of controlling the virus' transmission, however, they, do not guarantee complete protection.

As a result, a set of workplace protocols have been created to guide and help businesses and employees in putting anti-COVID measures in place.

Join us tonight at 7:30 PM for COVIDCast where we will discuss "Jabs For your Jobs." This week we will be joined by Imega Breese McNab, Executive Director PSOJ, Lloyd Distant (Jnr), President- JCC, and Carla-Anne Harris-Roper, Principal Consultant Employment Matters Caribbean.
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