You will be scared by how fast this prayer works!!

Juana María de la Concepción Méndez Guzmán, known as Conny Méndez , was born in Caracas (Venezuela), and was an esoteric artist and teacher. Conny Méndez's metaphysics is a current that gave her most notoriety outside of her native country, although her life did not mainly pass along that path.

This is one of the most powerful prayers in the world, you will see.

Christian metaphysics
Conny Méndez began research in the field of metaphysics in 1939, during World War II and under the auspices of the New Thought spiritual movement. In the United States she was a disciple of Emmet Fox, a very important and inspiring figure of today's well-known Alcoholics Anonymous. She made the first translations of her books into Spanish.

Also learn about the Count of Saint Germain , a popular character among those who love the occult. In 1945 he founded the Brotherhood of Saint Germain, which eventually bears the name of the Christian Metaphysical Movement , publishing several well-known books in the self-help genre, 4 in 1 being one of the most popular.

Christian metaphysics has as its main concept that “everything is mind”. The whole is the substance reality, which underlies all the experiences that we know as a material universe, that is, everything that is evident to our senses. However, all this is nothing more than the spirit itself, unknowable and indefinable, infinite and universal; it is the mind that generates the material part, the universe was created in the mind of the Whole (God), where we really live.

Darius Wallis
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