It's Official, The Wedding Is Off - Touchy Subject Episode 11

This week on Touchy Subject is a little bit different. This week Lena and Monica do a Q&A with questions that you all wrote in! The girls talk about how they met. Further they discuss their pet peeves, wedding planning updates, and a whole lot of random nonsense food talk. Listen in for this week's episode and have a good day on purpose! xoxo

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Lena has the nicest fans on YouTube
01:20 Lena has a new daily vlog
02:15 The Lena The Plug and Adam22 wedding is cancelled
05:13 What is Lena's diet and workout plan?
06:30 Lena's cravings
12:40 Lena's dream body
13:50 Monica asks if Lena ever struggled to find clothes when she was younger
17:00 Parker looks more like Adam than Lena
19:00 Are there good parts to having kids?!
21:15 Lena has to tape her daughter's diaper closed now
23:00 Dolly Parton
25:55 Where does Lena get her style from?
27:00 Knee surgery for guys to get taller
27:30 Where does Lena get all her Touchy Subject dresses?
29:50 Nose jobs in the Armenian community
33:00 How did Monica and Lena meet?
47:00 Dessert for breakfast?
51:50 Lena used to live with tw3ak3rs
59:30 What if Adam22 gets a girl pregnant from a scene?
1:03:50 Pet peeves
1:07:30 Using a vibrator during s3x


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