Is Socialism Still Relevant? - Part One

Confronts failures and challenges of various socialist experiments throughout history, and offers a path to a new socialism based on workplace democracy.
Why should we pay attention to the great social critics like Marx?

Episode hosts: Roy Vrindavanam & Bino Manjasseril


0:00 Intro
00:02:12 Why is capitalism not delivering on its promises?
00:11:21 Employer-Employee relationship
00:21:50 "You can be rich one day" dream
00:25:24 Are Scandinavian countries socialist?
00:27:08 Is there democracy in workplace?
00:30:41 Why are there several flavors of socialism?
00:35:05 If we implement socialism, will it be perfect?
00:41:33 Marxian views of socialism
00:52:10 Implementation of socialism: Reform Versus Revolution
00:58:00 What about the collapse of USSR?
01:11:36 What has Socialism achieved in the world?
01:13:07 Conclusion of Part One

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