Is Guard Passing Supposed To Be This Easy?

New Intro?!?! New Outro!?!? Buzzsaw Master Andrew Wiltse Demonstrating How No Gi Passing Is Supposed To Look.

No Gi Buzzsaw - The Best No Gi Passing Instructional Available - Is Currently On Sale At BJJFANATICS.com. From now until 11 PM Friday, April 22, 2022 (CDT) You Can Catch A Copy For Half Price.

Nothing I'm doing is isolated to me. Every single move I do is part of a system, and that system is on full display in No Gi Buzzsaw. Everything is detailed and explained in precise, easy to digest terms. We start with what our priority looks like from the moment we get on top to the moment our opponent is pinned.

What passes are we looking for at the start? Where do we go if those aren't available? What passing positions are strongest for No Gi? How do I force my opponent into dilemmas that always favor me? Not all passing styles and individual moves are created equal. Some of them are sub optimal, and we disregard those entirely in favor of optimizing our game. I map out every reaction I run into, how I want to prevent it, and how I can counter it after the fact. If you're tired of relying on a moment of brilliance in order to deal with your opponents nonsense, this is the instructional for you.


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We have a ton of new stuff coming out! We're giving online coaching a shot through Patreon, and so far its going great! We'll be releasing one of our sessions, pumped full of technique demonstrations, very soon!


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