IPE Talks: Corporate Social Responsibility, Influencing Positive Change in Work

Huge industrial players and companies are increasingly ramping up their focus on social responsibility, whether they are championing protecting the environment, or attempting to obliterate poverty and illiteracy, on local, national, or global levels. We may also see this through sponsorship or donation from these companies or industry players during emergencies as well such as the floods that hit in December 2021 and during celebrations to lighten load of the needy.

Question here is, how can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) influence positive change at work?
Social responsibility is an effective tool to increase employee engagement between the employer and the management with the employee. When employees involve in company’s CSR and felt that their organization is socially responsible, employees experience a greater sense of identity with the business they working for. Consequence to this, will improve employee retention and employees willingly to give overall commitment to the organization.

IPE bring you Ms Shafinaz Suhaimi, Manager to MyKasih Foundation, an NGO with a mission to help impoverished families and students. Ms Shafinaz will share her experience as an NGO and how CSR would actually impact the positivity change at work.
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