Investing in Australia: Getting the setup right

Despite border closures and various restrictions imposed due to the current global pandemic, Australia is still open for business. Western Parkland City is Sydney's third, 22nd century city offering exciting new opportunities. The Federal, State and Local governments have committed, through a 20 year City Deal, to large scale infrastructure investment including the development of a new international airport in Western Sydney. As a result, many inbound investors are being attracted by the opportunity being based in the Western Parkland City presents – a digitally enabled city with 24x7 access to South East Asian market, Government grants, and incentives on offer as well as a population of 1.5 million people and a growing workforce. This session will support you to understand the business ecosystems and fiscal incentives when setting up your business in Australia, specifically Western Sydney. Our discussion will include an overview of efficient ways for international businesses to set up operations in Western Sydney and bring in their foreign talent in a highly tax effective manner.

(Live presentation was aired on 2 November 2021)
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