Investigating reports of unsafe work - A How To

How to go about investigating reports of unsafe work

One of the more difficult and challenging tasks a safety profression has before them is investigating reports of unsafe or dangerous work. Regardless of the nature of the report there are always differing perceptions and opinions, not to mention personal bias. All of these can affect the investigation. Recent events have also added to this challenge. In this video I am going to outline how I would go about investigating a report of unsafe work and to add to the challenge an assertion of an unsafe environment becuase there is an unvaccinated worker present.

00:00 - Intro and the twist!
01:18 – What is unsafe work
01:57 – The hypothetical example
02:37 - A review of unsafe work reporting steps
03:09 - The investigative process
05:00 – Using appropriate authoritative guidance
05:52 - Recommending & applying corrective actions
07:03 - Who gets the reports
07:25 - Overview of the necessary investigative steps


Unsafe work definition

Any work being performed where uncontrolled hazards are present with the potential of causing harm to the worker or workers performing the tasks.

Some additional health and safety resources:

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