Introducing Microsoft Syntex – Content AI for the Microsoft Cloud | BRK36

Every week, our customers add billions of documents to Microsoft 365. That content is essential to your organization -- carrying knowledge, decisions, and transactions that are vital to the flow of work. Microsoft Syntex, announced this week at Ignite, brings the power of content management and AI together to transform the way we work. Join us as we explain this exciting new category and solution set to help you transform, discover, manage, integrate, and connect your critical organizational content in Microsoft and beyond.

To learn more, please check out these resources:
* https://aka.ms/learnatignite
* https://info.microsoft.com/contact-us-multi-product-in-person-devices-en.html?ls=356552-contactme-formfill
* https://aka.ms/IgniteCollectionBRK36
* https://aka.ms/IgniteCollectionBRK36
* https://youtu.be/FmIQS7ixNnc
* https://youtu.be/0ZFd3BVzKgk
* https://youtu.be/nCOGbjeOfcs

* Jeff Teper
* James Eccles
* Rebecka Isaksson
* Kristen Kamath
* Mark Kashman
* Chris McNulty
* Alan Pelz-Sharpe
* Sean Squires
* Ian Story
* CJ Tan

*Session Information:*
This video is one of many sessions delivered for the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event. Find more content like this, visit the Microsoft Ignite channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/MicrosoftIgnite

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