Intro to 3D programming & how to get a job doing it (Omar Shehata, Tech Talk @ CodeDay Labs 2022)

Talk Description: 3D programming, or computer graphics more broadly, is a type of software engineering that's most commonly found in video game companies. But there's a lot of other industries that do this type of work too, like geospatial/mapping, scientific visualization, and marketing. This talk will go over how to get started learning this type of work & where to find jobs for it. It's a fun and creative field to be in especially if you enjoy combining technical & creative work.

Speaker Bio: Omar is a 3D graphics engineer working at Snapchat on the map. He is currently based in Ithaca, NY and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt. He enjoys making small web games as a hobby. He loves mentoring & helping out, so don't hesitate to reach out!
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