Interviewing A Geophysicist On Why He's LONG Palantir

Thanks to Sachin Sharma for coming on the channel - he is the founder of IndustriaNX and a Energy Strategy & Digital, advisor to ESG & PE Funds, private Investor, and a geophysicist.

His channel:

00:00 - Intro
02:30 - What is Strategy Consulting?
03:31 - Why Palantir?
06:34 - Interaction With Palantir Team Members
08:15 - When Did You Buy Palantir?
09:24 - Why Are You Long Palantir?
13:47 - Why Palantir's Sale Process Is More Complex
17:30 - Palantir's Relationship With Data
18:56 - What Stops Palantir From Being Copied?
23:00 - Snowflake vs. Palantir
28:28 - Why Does Wall Street Hate Palantir?
32:16 - Does Dilution Scare You?
35:50 - Is Cathie Wood Right About Palantir Being Deep Value?
44:10 - MBA's Missed on Tesla & They Act The Same With Palantir

Palantir SPAC Thesis:
Why Wall Street Doesn't Get Palantir:

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