Interview With: Tony Denaro


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FAQ and General Opinions:
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Golden Rules:
Rule #1: Only buy shares with money you don't need in the foreseeable future
Rule #2: Buy & Hold
Rule #3: Only use a good broker who allows pre-market and after hour trading (cash account..noooo margin account)

Levels of Ape Participation
Level 1: Buy & Hold
Level 2: When you buy, slap that ask (buy at market price)
Level 3: Make sure with your broker that your shares are not available to lend
Level 4: Make sure you buy to the lit market through your broker

Q: What is an SPF (Synthetic Price Failure) and how will they help to identify the backside of your MOASS?
A: (Go to the description box and look for the time stamp)

Q: Suck,Squeeze,Bang,Blow?
A: It's long reads so find some toilet time, but start with this link

Q: What platform am I using to monitor stocks?
A: Webull, and sometimes Tradingview.

Q: Do you think this stock will squeeze before the end of the year?
A: I really hope so, we all really hope so, but if you don't violate Rule #1 it shouldn't really matter. Imagine trying to rush the best meal you've ever made, how will that turn out for you?

Q: How high do you think the price of AMC will go once we MOASS?
A: If you start setting up floors or ceilings, you will more than likely be walking away from a once in a lifetime opportunity, with much to be desired. To maximize my full potential I will sell on 2 key indicators. 1-Day over day volume decreasing. 2-Day over day price dips decreasing. If both of those indicators are flagging on the same day then the next spike in price will likely be the last spike that will get you to within 20% of the top of the MOASS. You need to realize that everyone has psychological factors that are going to pressure them to sell at different points, the longer we can hold our shares the higher the price will go. Eliminating those factors and trading on indicators is ideal. Having said all this, I think we can definitely get into the 5 to 6 digit range but it all depends on Apes holding through some really tough dips.

Q: Why are brokers that allow pre-market and after hour trading important?
A: Because if history has taught us anything, it's that a lot of the big price moves happen during those periods of time. Keep in mind that brokers, like Fidelity, you must trade 100 shares or more at a time during these periods of time.

Q: How long do you think the squeeze will last?
A: Believe it or not, in my opinion, when the dust settles we will look back in history and likely say that the squeeze started on May 13th. It's sometimes hard to recognize you're in a squeeze until after it has happened. So this question is really tricky, but what I think you mean is, when will I feel like I'm making butt loads of money and when will that feeling stop? I would suspect that once margin calls have started we will probably see the entire process take about 21 days (including weekends). That was my answer pre share dilution...with share dilution the hole the hedgies dug for themselves turned into a nuke sized crater. I have no idea now, I honestly just don't, this will be massive and could take awhile plus there are many unforeseen factors that could alter the time.

Q: Why are you doing this channel?
A: Right off the bat you will notice a lot of differences about what I ask of you as a viewer. I appreciate Apes that want to participate. I've created this daily live stream so I can reach out to as many Apes as possible to help them identify the backside of the squeeze. The more people we have holding, the higher the price will go, that's how I benefit. I will have accomplished everything I've set out to do if I can achieve the following.
1. Create a place where Apes can get information and form a wrinkle or two (myself included).
2. Document everything that happens to us through-out this process.
3. I want to participate in making an impact in what could possibly go down as the worlds largest redistribution in wealth, by helping to fix the American economy by making changes to the laws that govern our system.
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