Interview With Steve Antony - Author Of “Please Mr Panda”

Interview With Steve Antony - Author Of “Please Mr Panda”

Steve Antony is an award-winning children’s picture book author and illustrator and his most famous “Mr Panda” book series has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

I’m a big fan of his books because they work so well with young language learners. They’re not only funny and engaging but they also follow a simple narrative that is easy for non-native students to memorise and reproduce.

If you’re also a fan of Steve Antony’s books or curious to learn more, come and meet him and find out some fun facts behind the making of Mr Panda book series

For example:

- Why the characters in Mr Panda books are illustrated in black and white?
- How long it took Steve to write Please Mr Panda (you’ll be surprised by his answer)

Steve will also be sharing tips for language teachers on how to help students start writing their own stories ( which involve a multisensory approach)

And much more…..

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Find out more about Steve Antony and his books here:

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