Interview with Former Tesla Employee, Farzad Mesbahi

Interview with Former Tesla Employee, Farzad Mesbahi

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Farzads Reaction to Cybertruck Reveal
03:35 My Initial Reaction
04:56 “How did you go from a Tesla ‘Fan’ to become a Tesla Employee?”
11:47 “How quickly did you realize the difference between Tesla and other companies?”
16:12 “Is there a lot of blurring of the lines between ‘Blue’ vs ‘White’ Collar jobs @ Tesla?”
19:20 “Does the motivation level run as high at the entry level as in management?”
26:40 “Do a lot of people move on from Tesla after 3-5 years like you?”
29:50 “Why do you think more former Tesla employees haven’t started YouTube channels?”
33:00 “What are topics you wish you could discuss if you didn’t have a NDA?”
34:46 “Have you given any thought to finding and interviewing other Ex-Tesla employees?”
36:00 “Do employees resent the way fans think of Elon as Tesla and Tesla as Elon?”
38:50 “If you could rank Tesla vs ‘Normal’ companies on Talent, Motivation and Execution, how would they compare?”
50:10 “Did you ever talk with other Tesla employees about the ‘Big Vision’ of Tesla or is everyone too busy with day to day execution?”
52:50 “Do Tesla employees look at Tesla as a car company, a manufacturing company or a technology company?”
55:40 “Do people not working directly on the cars feel more disconnected from the company?”
58:30 “How do Tesla employees think about better competition starting to emerge?”
01:02:35 “Elon doesn’t like to talk about competitive moats but it seems like the talent, culture and Elon’s leadership are very big competitive moats. Do you agree and do you think that means they will be impossible to catch in next 5-10 years?”
01:08:43 “What does ‘Success’ look like for you personally over the next 1-2 years?”
01:12:39 Conclusion
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