Interview with Ben Lowery

The Common-Law Trust with Gwenn Wycoff and Frank Ozak.
Recorded January 10, 2012
Interviewed by Ben Lowery, England.

Viewers are astounded and remark, “What a brave and vivacious couple!”

Gwenn and Frank not only present the fundamental principles of the Common-Law Trust, but they weave it into current politics. Here is a system to turn the family into a business, and a method to keep wealth in the family for generations. Repressed and hidden, many “patriots,” sensed it was the “way out,” of our disintegrating reality.

Gwenn and Frank spill the truth. Like drops of pearls the facts roll around in the head and bang up against the lies and confusion about passing on wealth, and the politics of repression.

The Art of Passing the Buck, a two-volume set of books gives details about inheritance that every family needs to know, whether rich or poor. The methods to ensure one’s family thrives have been obscured because, “They don’t want you to stand up, otherwise you would overthrow them.”

The Department of Justice attempted to destroy The Art of Passing the Buck, and Gwenn and Frank tell the details of the battle, and how it was won. Here is where the First Amendment saves the information, but the knowledge and effort it takes reveals the astonishing machinations of a government that knows exactly what it is doing.

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