Interview with Andy's parents Hugh & Barbra after his sad passing. See description.

I was 30 that year also and I can remember the news being full of this. I'd often questioned if he didn't have the love affair with Victoria Principal would the media have been that interested. The headlines were all about him & Victoria but they had split 4 yrs previously. When Victoria ended the relationship she had found huge fame on Dallas and in my opinion, she didn't try to help Andy because it would affect her life. I never liked her after that.
The pain that Mr & ,Mrs Gibb were going through Is still evident. And now we know that Hugh died from a broken heart, it makes it all the more touching. They seemed a very nice couple, softly spoken, which is probably were the boys got it from.
Bree( the Gibbs "sister",) who was actually their cousin is interviewed at the end of this. She was Lesley's first child, born in Australia but Mr & Mrs Gibb felt Lesley was too young for the responsibility and they took over guardianship of Bree and raised her in America. Sadly, Bree died last year from a heart attack. She was just 56. So much tragedy in one family......
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