Interview Vidir Ragnarsson - PayAnalytics - 03.11.2021

PayAnalytics: Pay equity analysis tool
PayAnalytics was founded in Reykjavík (Iceland) when a frustrated HR manager came to us after several well-intentioned, yet unsuccessful, efforts to address his firm’s gender pay gap through annual salary reviews. Looking back, he realized that the pay gap had not shrunk, and he had no obvious answer on how best to close the gap. PayAnalytics solves this problem, offering a suite of compensation analytics tools focused on helping companies measure and close their gender pay gaps.
Two of the founders, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Bjarnadottir are both experienced in operations research and data analytics consulting, solving problems using mathematical modeling. Combined, they have 10 years of consulting experience and 3 years of experience in software development. As professors in business schools, their job is to communicate complex analytics to non-technical audiences. They also have multiple scholarly publications applying analytics in finance, health care and sports, and most importantly People Analytics.

Vidir Ragnarsson
As Head of consulting at PayAnalytics I serve PayAnalytics customers in developing their structures towards eliminating pay gaps.
I am leading the consulting to PayAnalytics customers on their initiatives towards equality and equal pay.
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