Interview: The Master Cook of Rasayanas

Only a Master Cook can make the 'higher order' Rasayanas. And only those individuals who had the destiny to evolve into their blooming can have the luck to take them. That's why Rasayanas are not made by not even one Ayurvedic Unit even for a trial.

NOTE: The story of the Master-Cook
From Stupidity to Satori

He has been an utter useless during the schooling times, did not go much schooling, a vagabond and was known locally as a 'little thief' who stole money from home, neighborhood houses, and once the cigarette lighter of the Circle Inspector of Police. Passed class X by sheer last minute coaching by his teacher mother. His father, an ayurvedic genius of the times, insisted him to take a Rasayana prepared for him [apparently one named 'Saraswatha Khrithm']. He passed +2 by the 5th chance. The story is unbelievable further...

Briefly, he became gold medalist in his BA ad MA, took Doctorate in a subject related to Creativity under a top Guide at IIMA [Dr. Pradip N Khandwalla], developed several new concepts and perspectives, wrote 10 unique books based on his research and analysis, etc. Just like that played about 6-9 musical instruments, created poetry, short stories, and write-directed full scale theatre shows; mastered knowing in most of the subjects by single reading, mastered the vedas-upanishads, Tao and Zen, as well as most of the western thoughts on mind-matter-existence, just like that started singing songs, mastered I Ching, Graphology, trained more than 7,000 people [students, managers, lawyers, etc] in Creative-Analytic Thinking, has designed a 1.5 years top-of-the-world training program named 'GeniusChoiceFellow' [some sessions are in his Youtube channel], developed new subject fields named 'Creative Management' [introduced in top B-Schools and conducted training for managers in about 125 organizations; new field 'Creative Psychology', and a unique psychotherapy called 'Creativity Therapy', and so on.

His books are available at His singing is available in Smule [type 'geniuschoice'], his 500+ videos are in the Youtube [type Prasad Sundararajan]. Married twice, both his students, both of them left for their personal careers; second marriage at the age 48, fathered 3 children, last child born to him at the age of 50, and so on... Of course, the consequences of Rasayanas depend upon the tendencies and predilections of the individual, quality of parents, level of education, etc.

Thus, the story [only briefly narrated] of Dr. Prasad Sundararajan, is one from a thief to a genius, is a story rendered possible ONLY by certain Rasayanas. One of them is Sree-Siddha-Modakam [which was given to 9 of his chosen trainees - who later became top in whatever they chose to do and much more: living a life of beauty and elegance and tao.

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