Interview Red Flags - Signs Of A Bad Employer

Interview Red Flags - Signs Of A Bad Employer. Today I am discussing the Signs of a Bad and potentially Toxic Work Environment. Interview Red Flags to look for to ensure you don’t end up working for a bad employer. Sometimes a job might seem like a perfect fit the way it is described, but the reality can be very far from it. How can we ensure we don’t end up working in a toxic workplace? No matter how much pressure there is during your job interview, you can STILL notice certain signs which translate into interview red flags. Meaning: the company is NOT a good fit for you. Some people decide to accept the job even after the obvious interview red flags. They worry they might not get another job. They feel pressured by their financial situation. So they take the job and, of course, they regret this decision. Because soon they are back to the job market, searching for a job but with their confidence completely shaken, doubting their skills and capabilities.

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