International Migrants Day 2021: Together We Stand

On 18th December 1990, the UN adopted the International Convention on the protection of migrant workers and members of their families' rights. Currently, 68 countries have already adopted this treaty but more is to be done. Migrant Workers are humans and deserve fair treatment like any other citizens in their host countries. Global economies rely on the migrant workforce for cheap labour. Host countries need to improve their policies and laws on economic migrants. In the UK, migrant domestic workers (mdws)are deprived of their workers' rights since 2012. The Voice of Domestic Workers together with our campaign allies continue to campaign to reinstate these rights - The right to change employer without restrictions, the right to renew the overseas domestic worker visa, the right to settlement, and the right to British Citizenship. With the absence of these rights, Domestic Workers are more vulnerable to abuse.

Our celebration on International Migrant Workers Day (and Christmas) calls for all of us to stand together. This program is also our dedication to your love and endless support.

International Migrants Workers Day: Together We Stand

1. Opening remark - Nerisa Valerio, Chair of The Voice of Domestic Workers

2. Rescue Operation - Voice dramatization on how VODW rescues domestic workers from abusive employment.

3. Together We Stand song by members

4. Christmas wishes by MediaCom

5. Campaign short film - Restore Overseas Domestic Worker visa

6. You're A Superstar ( Domestic Workers are Super Heroes!) - Body & Mind Wellness Workshop ( choreograph by Roman Berry)

7. Campaign short film - Ratify ILO C189, Decent Work for Domestic Workers

8. Christmas Dance Number by members

9. It Takes A Community

10. Closing remark - Georgina Velasco, Trustee and Union Rep

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