Intel Alder Lake Reviews, AMD CDNA 2 & Milan-X, Zen 5 Leaks, Intel ARC Pics | Broken Silicon 126

ADL is out! AMD revealed Bergamo & Genoa! Intel ARC Pics leaked! Let's discuss the insane news!
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0:00 GTC Disclaimer, Apple Colors, Kilo-core Processors (Intro Banter)
6:46 Apple A15 4nm, Pro Max 5nm (Corrections & Omissions)
8:45 Intel Alder Lake Discussion Start – Windows 10, DDR5 Performance, Raptor Lake with DDR4
18:40 ADL Efficiency, Alder Lake vs Zen 3 Pricing, Describing Core Counts
32:50 Who should wait for Zen 3D? Who should wait for Zen 4?
38:13 AMD Data Center Keynote Discussion Start: Bergamo, Zen 4c, Vcache
44:35 Milan-X crushes Sapphire Rapids, MI250X is big trouble for Nvidia
49:58 Is Zen 3D Threadripper Cancelled? Why did AMD Cancel Desktop Zen 3+?
54:41 Zen 5 & Zen 4c Details Leaked – Insane IPC, Insane Implications of “Dense” Architectures
1:05:10 Mining on OSX & Neural Engines, Apple Entering the Server Market
1:11:10 Zen 5 Turin EPYC Leaked - 600w Processors are coming...
1:20:41 Intel ARC Pictures Leaked, Performance + Release Date Update
1:29:17 Nvidia Ampere actually uses Next-Gen PCIe Gen 5
1:32:51 M1 Max Reviews, Nvidia ARM Blocked, Intel buys VIA, GA103S, Lovelace Q3 (Wrap Up)
1:44:12 Nvidia using Intel Fabs as a backup, Horizon 5 Graphics on Last Gen (Final RM)

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