Integrating Holistic Nursing with Bryanna Reilly | ETS09

How can we as nursing show up and co-create a holistic health care system that addresses people in the deep ways people need?

In today's episode, my guest Bryanna and I are exploring the heavy impact of nursing on our lives as a whole and how the original conditioning influence of our young lives set the foundation for the burnout and challenges we face in the future.

Sandra's Key Takeaways:

1. The constant pressure and expectations of being a women and nursing grad how that impacts our sense
of self and how we care for ourselves.
2. Internalizing the traumatic experiences of nursing
3. Owning your role and responsibility in your life and career and facing your emotions
4. Tapping into the origins of our beliefs and the foundation of our behavior patterns.
5. Differences in wellness coaching and nurse coaching, and the similarities.

About the Bryanna Reilly
Bry is a Board Certified Nurse Coach. She supports nurses in a 1:1 or group setting while using coaching strategies and mindfulness practices to help them unlearn self sacrifice, create realistic self care, and build relationships that give back to them. 6 years as a Registered Nurse, Bry has spent the bulk of her career working in the psychiatric, critical
care, and medical-surgical specialties. Bry is dedicated to the holistic health of those she serves so that they can harmonize their professional life in alignment with their personal life.

[email protected]
Instagram: @nursecoachbry

About Sandra Payne:

Sandra Payne is an ex- Registered Nurse and Master Certified
Holistic Trauma Informed Coach and the owner of Sandra Payne
Wellness and founder of the exclusive Nurse Rx Coaching Program.
After 13 years working within the traditional health care system and
experiencing first hand the challenges that come with nursing, Sandra
has a keen understanding of the heavy unrealistic expectations in
nursing, the moral distress, and the stigma that keeps many nurse’s
struggles with depression, anxiety, and trauma, hidden in silence. Out
of this intimate understanding was born the Nurse Rx Program
through witch women nurses learn and practice a host of skills and
exercises to manage stress, process emotions, and heal trauma
within a safe group collective of other nurses.

Join the community of support - Facebook group Surviving Nursing

Connect with Sandra Payne here https://

Check out the International Association of Wellness Professionals Wellness Coach Training -

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