Instacart Workers Mistreated - Gig Workers Collective Continues Their Fight

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In today's video, meet Gig Workers Collective Co-Founder, Vanessa Bain. The Gig Workers Collective is continuing their plight in advocating for Instacart Shoppers, as Instacart mistreats their workers.
I candidly ask Vanessa about the Instacart Strike which began in October 2021, and ask what the next steps are in the GWC advocating for shoppers. Please watch Vanessa Bain's interview in it's entirety.

Please also share your thoughts and questions for Vanessa in the comment section, below. We don't have to agree, but I do appreciate your respectfulness, in advance.

Vanessa responds to this latest article with grace & professionalism- Please read, and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Why the resurgence of organized labor hasn’t helped gig workers

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