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Feminist Question Time with speakers from Ukraine, Scotland, Canada and England

Women's Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) Feminist Question Time. Our weekly online webinars are attended by a global feminist and activist audience of between 300-400. The main focus is how gender ideology is harming the rights of women and girls. You can see recordings of previous panels on our YouTube Channel.

This week’s speakers:

Olena Zaitseva, Ukraine
Lawyer, feminist, Nordic Model activist, gender equality expert in several organizations, member of Public Council at MFO "Equal Opportunities" of Ukraine's parliament, member of Yurfem Women's Association of Lawyers, one of the founders of Resistanta (abolitionist feminist group in Ukraine)
Topic - Ukraine's gender policy: risks and achievements, who are protected - women's rights or other groups

Maria Dmytrtiyeva, Ukraine
I am a radical feminist, a left Ukrainian nationalist and a women's rights researcher and expert working with the Ukrainian ministries and local bodies of self-government on promoting women's rights. I have been promoting the Nordic model on prostitution since 2005.
Topic: Challenges to women's rights in Ukraine - postcolonial context

Sally Wainwright, Scotland
Sally is the founder and director of the Audacious Women Festival, which takes place in Edinburgh every February. She is a member of Women Speak Scotland which campaigns for women's sex based rights and is also the joint Scotland country contact for WHRC.
Topic: An update from Scotland

Cherry Smiley, Canada
Cherry Smiley is a feminist, artist, and researcher from the Nlaka'pamux and Dine' Nations. She is currently a PhD candidate in the communications studies program at Concordia University in Montreal and
founder and executive director of Women's Studies Online.
Topic: Putting women back in women's studies

Jan Williams, England
Single parent and corporate HR person, I restarted OBJECT and widened its focus. OBJECT works collaboratively to end violent systems that harm, objectify, kill and exploit women: porn, prostitution, sex clubs, surrogacy and transgenderism.
Topic: Setting up gender critical groups in professions

More information: www.womensdeclaration.com
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