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Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Strapless Harness Review
Tony reviews and tests the Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Harness. Buy your Infamous Pod Pack here:

Infamous Paintball makes the best stuff! It shouldn't come as a surprise when developing a new strapless pack that we combined our revolutionary new "REFLEX ANTI-BOUNCE BELT” system combined with Bunkerkings patented strapless pod system create the best harness available. The skeleton squads design boasts a unique ultra-durable style with the ability to further customize the harness using integrated velcro patch panels and laser cut molle to add modular accessories.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Quick Overview
01:00 6 Part Anti-Bounce Belt
01:41 Padding and Moisture Wicking
02:04 Developed by Pro Players
02:15 Velcro Patches and Molle Webbing
02:49 Bunkerkings Strapless Pod System
03:35 Testing How Different Pods Fit
04:50 Testing the Pod Pack
05:48 Shake It Tony
06:02 1 Handed Pod Removal and Insertion
06:22 Price
06:36 Closing

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