Industrial Cybersecurity Showcase

Everett Community College is the first community college in the nation to provide training for students who are learning how to protect physical infrastructure from cyber attacks using real industrial components and networks. Watch a panel of experts explain why this training is critical, see the heart of the system in action, and get a sneak peek of cyber challenges for high school and college students.

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- Blake Johnson, Rockwell Automation product security engineer
- Tom VanNorman, GRIMM principal, ICS Village founding member
- Jennifer Tisdale, GRIMM principal
- Dennis Skarr, EvCC information technology instructor
- Jaime Lightfoot, GRIMM security researcher

Mentioned in this video:
- DEFCON security conference panel: (URL for defcon video. Derek, could you also add a link to this at about 54:30 when the conference is mentioned?)
- Industrial cybersecurity and information technology program:
- Capture the flag cyber challenges:
- ICS Village:
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