Individualism Perverted - A good idea gone bad.

Individualism, the idea that individuals have inherent worth, rights and should be afforded (limited) autonomy is a critical central tenant from the Enlightenment.
It is central to most modern democratic states and has been used as an argument for increasing civil liberties. But, in the 20th century the idea began to morph taking on anti-social, paranoid, and occasionally violent characteristics.
In this video I look at various examples of extreme individualism, arguing that it is a perversion of the original idea.

00:00 Introduction Skit
04:04 Topic Introduction and Concept History
19:30 Extreme Individualism - Ayn Rand
28:06 Greed is Good
36:36 The Poor are Bad
43:30 Social Darwinism
48:45 Gun Rights and Fear
54:15 Vigilantism
57:42 Anti-Maskers
1:00:35 Sovereign Citizens
1:01:37 Conclusion - Argument for a Return to Valuing Society.

I've used a lot of clips as examples. All used under Fair Use guidelines and cited. If you are the owner of any of these clips and would like them to be modified or removed, please leave a comment.
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