Indigenous Reconciliation & DEI

Reconciliation is foundational piece of inclusion and workplace belonging - certainly in Canada. It's also something that you should have heard, particularly with what has come to light with recent Residential School findings. So what is Reconciliation and what does it mean for individuals and organizations?

These are some of the questions I asked Gillian Hynes who works with an indigenous-owned, national management consulting company, Rise Consulting. We started by talking about land acknowledgements and she explains the importance of them in Reconciliation.

As she points out and as identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, organizations also play a role in Reconciliation as does HR. Each of us and our organizations need to 'do something'.

0:00 Intro
1:46 Land acknowledgement
3:12 How to determine YOUR land acknowledgement
5:11 The role of acknowledgements in Reconciliation
7:03 Reconciliation defined
8:22 Reconciliation for individuals
10:45 Reconciliation for organizations
13:07 Moving forward with Reconciliation
15:08 HR's role
17:26 Closing thoughts

Rise Consulting:
National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation:

Books & Videos:
Truth and Reconciliation: Calls to Action
Indigenomics, Carol Anne Hilton
21 Things You Might Not Know about the Indian Act, Bob Joseph
A Mother's Voice, Holly Fortier
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