IN THE KNOW Webinar 'Investing in your people's mental health and safety'

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s never been more critical for business and executive leaders to address the mental well-being of their people. Not only is Mental Health the leading cause of disability across Australian workplaces, it is also the most costly, both through direct and indirect impact to your bottom line. Simply-put, it is imperative to have mental health on your strategic agenda, it’s no longer a nice to have.

With compliance refining by the minute and legislative requirements tightening by the second it is important to understand what a sustainable mental health program looks like, what is involved and how it can both protect your business and also make it prosper in a time where a safe environment means more to employees than a well-paid one.

Presented by Anna Feringa, the webinar will address:
• Benefits
• Consequences
• Strategic planning for a psychologically safe workplace

Anna Feringa is an award-winning International Speaker, Trainer and Workplace Mental Health Consultant. She is a leading expert in topics including Mental Health awareness, leadership and Mental Health, and best practice workplace Mental Health. As a respected member of global HSE, Anna was recently recognised as a Global Top 10 Health and Safety Influencer, 2020.

With over 18-years’ consulting experience, Anna supports employers by helping them see that embracing Mental Health in the workplace can help prevent injury and drive a great culture. She helps Australian businesses transition from fearful and confused, to confident and responsive when faced with Mental Health challenges in the workplace.
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