In The Heights: A Behind the Scenes Interview with Jon M. Chu & Alice Brooks, ASC

Go behind the scenes with director Jon M. Chu and ASC cinematographer Alice Brooks on the making of In the Heights, based on the Broadway musical of the same name.

Join us for Inside Digital Production, Dec 6 and 7:

0:00 Inside In The Heights
0:07 How Jon & Alice Began Working Together
1:57 Technological Advancements
4:06 Filming Challenges
4:49 Cinematic Atmosphere in Washington Heights
6:34 Capturing Night Scenes
7:14 Abuela Claudia's Flashbacks
9:18 Challenges Shots
11:08 Directing
13:47 Favorite Scenes
15:34 Future Collaborations
16:22 Viewer Takeaways
18:00 Credits

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