Improving Recruitment Effectiveness

It’s not just recruiting but effective recruiting that you want. Recruiters, sources, and employer brand are important. The employer should carefully select and train recruiters. Training should include interpersonal skills (such as in communicating), and basic knowledge about how to recruit and how EEO laws affect recruiter. Recruitment sourcing involves determining what your recruitment options are, and then assessing which are best for the job in question. Most employers look at how many applicants the source generates.

However quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality. Other effectiveness metrics should include, for each source, how many of its applicants were hired or how well its applicants performed on the job. Similarly, the employer’s brand or reputation affects recruiting success. Most obviously, it is futile to recruit if the employer’s reputation is that it’s an awful place to work. How does the employer want others to see it as a place to work? The branding often focuses on what it’s like to work at the company, including company values and the work environment.

Job applicants’ employer reviews are widely available on sites like, so employers must be diligent. Ensure that all applicants are treated courteously and that no reviews go unanswered.
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