"I'm obsessed with win or bust" | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 5 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

It's an international affair on this episode of The Shop. Grab a seat and join Academy Award Winner Daniel Kaluuya, Premier League soccer star Marcus Rashford, renowned artist Rashid Johnson, marketing executive Paul Rivera, entrepreneur Maverick Carter, and NBA superstar LeBron James. Daniel discusses working with Jordan Peele and why "Get Out" was a perfect script, Marcus recounts his Euro 2020 experience, Rashid reflects on the consumption of Black art and when he feels like his work is truly done and LeBron reveals the city that he hates playing in the most. Kick up your feet and remember...in the barbershop you can't lie.

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In LeBron James' words..."Everything happens in The Shop." The Sports Emmy Award-winning series UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is back for Season 5! Join us each month for new episodes featuring the biggest names in the game for unfiltered talk about sports, music, and culture.

(0:00) - Intro
(0:18) - The Shop on Brittney Griner
(3:57) - Marcus on Not Liking Liverpool/Playing for ManU
(6:21) - LeBron on Team Culture
(7:25) - LeBron on Win or Bust
(8:50) - Daniel on Choosing Scripts
(10:00) - Rashid on Relying on Your Beliefs as an Artist
(12:05) - Rashid on Black Art
(13:48) - Daniel on the Definition of Blackness and Playing Different Roles
(17:10) - LeBron & Marcus on Being in the Zone
(20:32) - Marcus & LeBron on Where They Hate Playing
(23:37) - Marcus on Euro Final vs. Italy
(25:10) - Daniel on Racism in the UK

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