I'm Not Standing Out In A Team Environment. What Do I Do? [Question Submission]

Team dynamics, especially for entry-level or greener professionals, can often be difficult to navigate in a professional setting. Teamwork, team building, team collaboration can all be terms that induce anxiety for individuals not ready to excel in these settings.

On the flip side, team environments aren't always conducive to the best work for some individuals. The key is understanding how you work best and maximizing your environment for your work style.

Professional teamwork is a lot like group projects at school, where not all the work gets divided up equally, and credited isn't always dished out equally. Understanding how your work is, and whether its standing out, can be the difference between moving up in your organization or needing to change jobs. It's all about perspective, and getting a clean look at what exactly is happening.

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- How do I ask for a raise?
- How do I know when it's time to ask for a promotion?
- What is the difference between a professional and executive resume?
- Does my company need outplacement services?
- How do I answer the question: tell me about yourself in an interview?
- Is it OK to move from job to job?

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