I'm Building the First YouTuber Theme Park from Bed

Spine surgery has me stuck in bed, so I'm building the world's first YouTuber theme park and raising money for children with critical illnesses. Every $1 counts so thank you for clicking the donate button on this screen to help Make-A-Wish Foundation grant the wishes of these kids.

I just had one of the eight spinal tumors removed from my back, so I can't do a whole lot while I recover from surgery. But, with the help of my wife, Vy Qwaint, I think we can build a pretty awesome indoor family entertainment center for everybody to enjoy. Inside the adventure park we plan on having a trampoline park, video game arcade, zip line, ropes course, ninja warrior training courses, escape rooms, axe throwing, free roam Virtual Reality VR, retro barcade, climbing walls, restaurant, birthday party rooms, and a ton more fun stuff to do here in Las Vegas, NV.

We're gonna need a lot more help to get this FEC built by my birthday on March 10th so we need to hire some help. Vy interviews Burt and attempts to interview a guy name James but it doesn't go so well. The last candidate, Anne, we brought over to interview from bed. It was pretty awkward but it was a good test to see if she can handle working with crazy YouTubers.

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