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Following new search functions added in IBC Case Laws Search
Employee Dues:
Search all judgments on Employee PF/Gratuity/Pension just selecting Main Subject “Special issues-Employee Dues-EPFP/Provident Fund/ESI/Gratuity”.

MCA Compliance:
Judgments related to MCA compliances, Director Appointments etc. are added in one category in Main Subject “Compliances of MCA/Companies Act/SEBI/Director Appointments”.

Sharing of Information and Supply of Copy of Resolution Plan:
Main Subject “Supply Resolution Plan Copy/Valuation/Sharing of Information/Confidential”

Sub-subjects are as:
-Sharing of Information with CoC/Creditors
-Sharing of Information with Dissenting Financial Creditors
-Sharing of Information with Employees/Workmen
-Sharing of Information with Non-CoC Member/Other
-Sharing of Information with Resolution Applicant
-Sharing of Information with Shareholders
-Sharing of Information with Suspended Board
_(First select Main subject and click on apply and then select Sub-subjects)_

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