IAS Topper Ankita Jain, Rank 3 (UPSC Topper 2020) | Mock Interview

Vajirao and Reddy Institute extend our heartiest congratulations to Ankita Jain IAS Topper, Rank 3 (UPSC Topper 2020) on this great achievement and are gratified to have been a part of her journey to success. Wishing her all the very best for her future!

Mock interviews help not only in familiarizing with interviews in general but also helps identify areas that a candidate needs to work upon. Even though one can imagine oneself in an interview setting, it is strongly advised that you watch these videos and learn from the experiences of other people. The interviews being uploaded here are real interviews and not scripted.
Hope this video helps you in your preparation and we look forward to your feedback in the comments section – don’t hesitate to ask!

UPSC CSE is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country because of immense competition and the vast syllabus.

In this video, we get to know more about the topper's preparation journey.

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